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Individual Counseling Sessions: At Newmark Nutrition, we help our clients make healthy eating choices tailored to their individual needs. By weaving nutritional science with the behavioral and emotional aspects of eating, clients develop healthy habits for long term results.

Nutrition Presentations: Entertaining, fact filled presentations are given to groups of any size. Topics include Waist Control, Food Label Fables, Nutritional Stressbusters and much more. Custom presentations are available upon request.


Employee Wellness: We offer Employee Wellness programs that are designed to meet the goals of each company. Whether it is disease prevention or nutrition intervention, we provide group learning and fun activities in a supportive environment to achieve healthy success. 

Nutrition Consulting: Nutrition consulting services are provided for a variety of issues including school lunch certification, healthy restaurant menus, wellness programs and other corporate projects .



If you have a nutrition concern, we will help with a comprehensive and creative approach. This will be done in a timely manner to address your needs.

We now offer telehealth services.

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